MediaGroup was founded in 2001 as an alternative for  businesses and corporate departments to provide specialized business services and products without the need to hire full time employees.

Our experienced group of industry professionals can provide short or long term solutions to the day to day issues experienced in promoting every business.

MediaGroup began with an understanding of Branding, Business Development, High Technology, Digital Publishing and Print Production unmatched in the United States. Our group of industry professionals, are the top professionals in their field and have hundreds of years of business experience for you to rely on.

Since that time we have coached many businesses on growth initiatives and how to get the most out of their brand using technology and traditional methods. We have developed business plans and strategies for start-ups, established new and expanded sales channels for established business leaders, and trained sales, marketing and industry icons to be their best.

The key to our success is our shared abilities to look at a business problem and provide the right solutions. We have discovered that many times executives are just too close to their business to see "outside the box", or where potential opportunities may exist. That is where MediaGroup fits into your business planning. We want to be your trusted, professional resource partner that listens to your problems and helps you execute more effectively.

Please feel free to contact us for advice on any project no matter how small. If we cannot help you, we pledge to help you find the right solution partner that can.

Please call us today at 818-324-5696

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