Sorry, but we do not.  Why?  When you are promoting your business there are a lot of moving parts.  Do you have the correct art? PDF, Vector, Raster, JPEG etc.  Are you selecting the right products for your brand and business?  You cannot get that kind of personalized service from an e-commerce site like 4imprint, Vistaprint, Discount Mugs and others.

We provide value by making sure the process is simple for you and protects your brand and we do it often at lower pricing than an e-commerce vendor.  We also cover many more types of products than those available from a single e-commerce supplier.  Remember we provide a one call experience!  Give us a call or send an e-mail and experience the difference.  You will always get the same representative who wants to be your partner and not just an order taker ;-)  
MediaGroup was one of the first companies to understand the efficiencies of remote working.  All of our 'partners" have worked remotely since our inception using the best quality tools for video conferencing, texting, e-mail etc. etc. to be right here when you need us.

Our suppliers of products and printing are in many locations around the globe to give you "local" resources to reduce shipping and supply chain issues worldwide.

Want to meet us in person and shake your hand?  No problem!  We also understand how to use Planes, Trains and Automobiles too ;-)
Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from different clients in different industries, or if you like call us and we will be happy to introduce you.  You can also check out our founder on LinkedIN at:

Jason Simpson - Frankly Media (Broadcast Industry)

"MediaGroup delivered a well-planned and perfectly-executed tradeshow for Frankly. MediaGroup listened to our ideas and exceeded our expectations. We will partner with MediaGroup again!"

MacDougall - Quantum 3D  (Advanced Simulation Industry)

“I've worked with Mike Descher on three trade shows now and he is nothing but professional and knowledgeable when it comes to trade show consulting and planning. His marketing and business expertise has truly been an asset to me and Quantum3D.”

Pratish Shah - Client (International Military & Simulation Industry)

“We hired MediaGroup to recommend, develop and manage two of our largest tradeshow marketing events this year. Mike delivered on those events. He developed and managed our property, which received high remarks from all on our team. He was responsive and quick to attack any and all issues that were brought to his attention. I'd recommend Mike and the MediaGroup"

Garry Koralek - Client (Manufacturing Industry)

“Mike is the consummate professional. He brings a vast amount of creativity and expertise to every promotional product, marketing, or exhibit/trade show project he touches no matter how big or how small. Not only that, he's fun to work with and a great team player. Would recommend him highly.”

Leroy Dennison - Active Storage (Computer Storage Manfacturer for the Entertainment Industry)

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike during my first 6 months at Active Storage. Mike was a pleasure to work with. I found his preparation for meetings to be very thorough, his written communications very professional, and was impressed with his verbal communication skills. The single largest project that Mike was responsible for, which I had involvement with, was the planning for our company to appear at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB) in Las Vegas. Mike was responsible for all logistics. If you have never been involved in having a large booth at a technical trade show, when your booth has a lot of complicated fixtures, a large storage area network, a lot of computers and flat-screen TVs, then you have no idea what all is involved. Trust me, there are a lot of details, any one of which--if not taken care of--can result in "bad things happening." All pre-show, during show, and post-show logistics were handled superbly."

Stuart Marcus - VP Sales, World Now (Web Media & Advertising)

"While running sales at WorldNow,we brought MediaGroup in to help streamline our fast growing culture. They observed the overall process in the field and came back to us with a proposed strategy/plan.WOW!!!.....MediaGroup is a true architect of business. They captured the very essence of what we were looking for. Their President is by far one of the most brilliant business executives you will ever come across.....Great person overall."

Michael Margolies - Macy's West (Apparel Industry)

"I have had the privilege of working with MediaGroup on several occasions. They are creative problem solvers, excellent presenters, and speakers. Mike is the kind of person you can count on to get things done and help solve complex problems. As a presenter and evangelist Mike is effective at selling ideas and promoting new technology and concepts. I value his friendship as well as his insight and expert industry knowledge.”

John Head, Adobe Certified Expert, Adobe (Software Training)

"I have had the privilege of knowing MediaGroup for three years as part of the Adobe Freelancer Group. I have enjoyed their professionalism and knowledge of the market when we have the pleasure of working together. Whenever I am evaluating a new product concept or marketing strategy for my company, I turn to them for advice. Their overall knowledge of the technology market and how to succeed in it, elevates them into a unique position. I value their insights and know the information will be spot on and will impact my organization in a positive way. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Bob Mischel, COO World Now- (Broadcast and Internet)

"I have just read your plan and it is simply excellent. Well thought out, thorough, thoughtful and full of practical ideas. Thank you for taking the time to think our complicated situation through and to write this comprehensive document. The only question I'm asking myself is...why did we wait so long to get you in the door to give us this analysis!"

Mary Philipsek, Channel Executive, Apple (Consumer Electronics)

"Mike Descher has always been a high energy, ultimate professional in all of my experiences with him. He is connected in the industry and is the "go to" guy for major product launches. He has always been a creative thinker and a problem solver. Above all he is a joy to work with!”

Louis Katz - CEO Technolene (Technology Consulting)
MediaGroup helped me bring order from chaos by providing me with simple, smart organizational tools. Their methodology gets you to change long-standing habits so you can have a well-structured, efficient day, with time for both business and family. Listen well and learn from these masters of life planning!

Aaron Mischel - President Pixel Planet (Photography Studio)

"Before we brought Media Group aboard, marketing was nothing but frustrating hours spent planning with zero results.
Once Mike and team had a chance to learn about our business, they had endless ideas. They showed us what we need to be doing and looking for when marketing our business. Their creativity brought a new perspective that has allowed us to understand how to effectively market our company now and in the future.
We have decided to have Mike and team back in 2011 to consult, because we quite honestly can not afford to plan without him."

Kent Wright - Prepress Manager Continental Litho (Pre-Press and Commercial Printer)
MediaGroup and Mike Descher have done it again. They put together a powerful day of Photoshop and Photography training that my clients are still talking about. Mike's insight on both the Graphic application side as well as the Digital Photography side made him the perfect trainer/ speaker for our Continental College. I definitely plan on using their services in the future".

Eric Thomas, Senior Marketing Manager Apple Computer Video Marketing- (Computer Manufacturing)

"I hired MediaGroup for a critical project and boy am I glad I did! They were not only competent on the subject matter but, completed all materials in a timely manner and added more to this program than I was expecting. I will continue using Mike and the great folks at Media Group Consulting.”

Lynda Weinman, President and Founder – (Software Training)

"Mike worked with to help us establish a retail presence, boost sales and increase industry recognition. He is an expert in sales and marketing, and always has a grasp of the "big picture". In addition to Mike's impressive networking abilities, and big-picture perspective, he is also more hands-on than most people with his capabilities, with excellent skills in digital photography, imaging, page layout, and presentation tools.”

Regis Delmontagne - President NPES/GASC Graphic Arts Show Company - GASC (National Professional Association)

"Without your strong support, our events would not have been as successful as they have been, and the industry, as a whole, would be lesser for it. You deserve a great deal of credit for pushing this industry forward technologically and economically over the years, and I applaud your efforts."

Kathy McNeill - Principal Mac Mall - PC Mall (Internet High Technology Reseller)

"MediaGroup, was able to simply explain the hot markets within the print and design marketplace and was able to give our sales reps some good tools to help close deals for both incoming and outbound calls.” “Our reps definitely benefited from his presentation and they even were kind enough to provide us with an interactive PDF file which will give our Outbound Reps an added edge in their cold-calling campaign.”

Jeff Hansen, SR. Director – Apple Specialist program Apple Computer- (Computer Manufacturer)

"You have been instrumental in the launch of the Hunter Rep program and keeping everyone working as a group. It all started when you came in and helped coordinate the training, pulling together the components for the DVD guide, working behind the scene to secure the first working copies of iDVD for Power Books, etc.
Your efforts have been stellar. You definitely exceeded my expectation for the job!"

Yusuf Motilla, Apple Specialist Reseller Owner L.A. Computer Company – (Retailer)

"People coming out of the seminars were raving about them. They wanted more, more, more. I wish I could have them all the time. This was a very important part of our Grand Opening event! Thank you MediaGroup”

Society of Professional Journalists – (International Professional Association)

"Your contribution on pagination workstations helped turn those ideas into reality”…”You helped us make a difference in journalism in this country, and we applaud you for that.”

Richard Lingua, Manager Apple Computer, Executive Briefing Center - (Computer Manufacturer)

"This was a very informative session for the Capital Group. Mike was able to respond clearly and in detail to questions regarding iPhoto (particularly as an asset management tool), Color Sync and color calibration, PDF (feature comparison between the OS and Adobe products), and general work flow”

Trish Jagow, President  Millennium Technologies- (Retailer)

"You truly showed everyone the value that seminars can do for any business!”

Bill McDermott, Customer Development Manager Apple Computer- National Business Development Unit (Computer Manufacturer)

"Thanks for taking a project and really going the extra mile!”

Newspaper Association of America – NAA, Newspaper Association of America (Professional Association)

"Your presentation was very well received."

Bill Babiarz, Manager Publishing systems & Training – NAA

“I personally enjoyed the overview of OSX and have installed the new software on several Macintosh computers since I returned to the office.”

Los Angeles Club of Printing House Craftsmen - (Professional Association)

”Your program on Color Sync was one of the best we have had presented in recent years…”

Bennie Leonard, Dir. Worldwide IT- Mattel Toys – (Manufacturer)
"MediaGroup is very knowledgeable about manufacturing and IT processes, due to their diligence we have changed our workflow enormously."
The simple answer is of course!  Because we do not have the added expense of offices, warehouse, equipment and the like we are able to compete on price with anyone!

We do though pride ourselves on VALUE. We believe we offer the best value to our clients for every dollar spent over anyone. If price is your ONLY objective, you may have missed what we offer you. I think it is time we have a conversation....

Mike Descher, Founder
Actually we are considered a cooperative company led and managed by our founder.
Instead of employees which would drive up your costs, and a brick and mortar office which would also increase your costs, we search out the best talent in every sector we engage in and contract only with those we know from experience are excellent and reliable.

Our ability to have experts in every kind of position means you have the best talent anywhere not just a companies employee, but true craftspeople and out of the box thinkers.
YES!  As a full business resource we have not only managed and created items for events worldwide, but we can also design and build a custom booth for you for rental or purchase and set it up and dismantle it when and where you need it.

We have done simple pop-up booths to 2 story steel booth over 10,000 square feet. We know the industry and thru our connections at convention centers worldwide we can save you time and money over using standard show labor and booth designs. Just give us a call to discuss the moving parts BEFORE you decide to do it alone.

Check out our trade show page for examples of our work!